american flag wood sign

I had been eyeballing an American Flag wood sign for quite some time.  I looked on Etsy and about doubled over at the price + shipping.   Then I had the bright I idea to make one, I mean how hard could it be?   The first sign I made was cedar (not pictured).  It was […]

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Farmhouse Bedroom Makeover

This was a surprise makeover I did for my daughter Kaitlin’s room while she was away for her first year of college.  Although she lives and attends school in Seattle, we do not get to see her as often as we would like because she is on the Crew team and practices 6 days a […]

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WELCOME TO Home on Mount Forest

The Faux Farmhouse

Thanks for stopping by!  For years my family and friends have been encouraging me to start a blog to document my decor ideas and DIY projects.  I have been hesitant for many reasons.  #1 is that I am an Accountant and good with numbers, not writing.  All the ideas are in my head, however, I […]

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