Finding my “WHY” | Turning my passion into a reality

Over the last year, I have been hearing a lot about “What is your WHY?” and “Have you found your purpose?”. To be honest, I’ve known for some time what my WHY is, however, knowing what it is and putting a plan into action to achieve this were two entirely different things.  In the fall of 2017, I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and came across a motivational video.  The first few seconds instantly caught my attention with “When you wake up in the morning what drives you?” and “if you want to live a life with complete happiness and fulfillment you must find what inspires you”.  I wanted to feel this way every day and knew I needed to make some changes to make this happen.

For years my friends have been telling me I should start a blog to document my DIY projects.  In hindsight, this could have been their nice way of suggesting this so they didn’t have to listen to me talk about it……I had been reluctant to start a blog because that would require me to write and I do not consider myself a writer in the sense of creating engaging content that would capture readers.  I’m not good with all the “fluff”,  I’m more of a “get to the point” kind of person.  Every time I was about to start I would talk myself out of it mostly because I was completely terrified of putting myself out there.  Not to mention I didn’t know how I would find the time between working full time as an HR Manager and Accountant, managing three children with their activities along with my unfinished projects. If you have ever written a blog post then you understand a lot of time goes into it.

In order to turn my WHY into a reality, I knew something had to give and that would be my job.  I would come home from work stressed to the max over the day’s events and this was not fair to me nor my family.  In addition, it left me unmotivated to create.   I had to make a career change with little stress that would allow me more freedom to do what I love.  In January of 2018, I started conversations with an Accounting firm in Seattle who allows their employees to work 100% remote.  I feel so incredibly blessed to announce that I was offered a position with this amazing company and I am ready to start this new chapter.

This decision did not come without some initial reservation.  I would be leaving a very secure position, co-workers that I adore and a very supportive and understanding boss.  I am overwhelmed with the kind words from my co-workers saying how much I will be missed but they are very excited for me because they know how passionate I am about this.  Most importantly I am leaving on a good note.

My sister knows my love for Farmhouse Style signs/decor and around this same time she called me up and said: “You’ve got to check out this company called Chalk Couture, you can make your own signs in minutes with chalk paint and transfers that you can change up as often as you want, the chalk paint is removable”. Removable paint?!?! This is a game changer for me as I have a REAL addiction to signs and running out of wall space to hang them.  I did a little research and was hooked.  I can TOTALLY do this, I have found my niche! I signed up the very next day as an Independent Designer and I will be sharing video tutorials of my finished projects, have them available for sale and even have Create and Take parties.  Maybe I’ll even venture out and do a craft show or Facebook Lives. eeek!

It will be scary at first, but I feel at peace with the decision I’ve made, my family is extremely supportive and 100% onboard and I have no doubt we will have a better quality of life.  I don’t want to ever regret that I didn’t try to wake up driven and inspired.





3 thoughts on “Finding my “WHY” | Turning my passion into a reality

  1. Way to go girl!!! And with my new Hat Island house I will be stalking you for ideas!!! You have always been so creative and talented and I remember loving your home!! Much success to you!!!


  2. So very proud of you. I will miss you like crazy but seeing how happy you are now that you have taken this plunge will dry my tears. I can’t wait to see what’s next!


  3. This is so wonderful! You are great at what you do and when chris an I get a house I know who to contact to decorate! 😁💕


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