I am ecstatic to be able to offer an independent designer opportunity through an amazing and fast-growing company offering DIY Home Decor.  Whether you have dreams of being your own boss and creating your own schedule, love to participate in craft and holiday fairs or crafting is your thing,  Chalk Couture is for you!  Be a part of an amazing company that is extremely generous in their commission structure.


How much is the Designer Kit? 

The Designer Kit is only $99 ($200+ value) + shipping

What’s included in the Starter Kit?


What are the quarterly minimums for remaining a Chalk Couture Designer?

As a Chalk Couture Designer, you need to purchase or sell $150 personal volume per quarter. Chalk Couture quarters are standard calendar quarters (Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun, Jul-Sept, Oct-Dec)

Do I get a discount on my own personal products?

Absolutely, and a very generous one!!!  You get 40% off, amazing right??? Once you join you will have your very own personal website in which you will be able to purchase inventory at 40% off for your personal use or to sell.  The prices in your back office already reflect a 40% savings.  You will see these savings once you are logged in and go to Inventory–>> Purchase Inventory. In addition, once you join you will receive a 50% coupon. The coupon will be sent to you via email either Tuesday or Wednesday the following week after you join. Not only is this an insane amount of savings, it also counts towards your personal volume (PV)

What is the commission structure?

When you buy products at wholesale, direct from the company, and sell at the manufacturer’s advertised price (retail price), you can instantly earn up to 40% commissions—one of the most generous plans in the industry! This pricing is offered on orders placed in your Designer Office. You pay for the product up front, then earn your commission when you resell the product to customers through your Chalk Shop and collect their payment. This commission is termed instant commission because you recoup it immediately at the time of sale. You may also sell to customers on your Chalk Site. Because these orders are managed and fulfilled by the company and all inventory is managed by the home office, these orders have a commission rate of 25%. This commission is called deferred commission because the customer pays retail price online, then your 25% commission is paid after the close of the month, typically by the 15th of the following month

Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 8.48.34 PM

For example:

One month, you sell a total of $1,500 retail value in products.

•$1,000 in retail value was purchased through your Designer Office for $600.

•$500 in retail value come from your customers on your Chalk Site.

How much will you get paid?

Designer Office Order •You earn 40% commission when you resell the inventory you purchased through your Designer Office. $1,000 – $600 = $400 (40%)

Chalk Site Order •You earn 25% commission on Chalk Site orders. $500 x 25% = $125

Your total commissions earned is $525.

Your total PV for the month will be 900, based on $1,500 retail value sold. Note that your PV levels also may qualify you for other compensation elements in the Career Plan, such as Designer Dollars and the Savvy Seller Bonus. PV levels are also used to determine activity.

What are Designer Dollars?

Chalk Couture wants to want to reward you for working your business, so for every 200 PV you generate per month, you will earn $20 in Designer Dollars (DD)! Designer Dollars are product credit to help you further support your business. You can use them to fund Hostess Rewards, Team incentives, or even gifts for expo giveaways, to name a few.

For Example:

You sold $1,500 retail value and earned 900 PV. 900 ÷ 200 = 4.5 (round down to 4) 4 x $20 = $80 DD This bonus will be paid monthly, with your deferred commissions, by the 15th of the following month. Designer Dollars are paid via a single email voucher for the entire amount of Designer Dollars earned in the month (and must be redeemed in a single transaction; no balance may be carried forward.)

What is the Seller Savvy Bonus?

Will you hit the ground running?  If so, this is for you!  If not, that’s ok it’s not required, just an extra incentive bonus.

While all Designers receive generous instant or deferred commissions for personal sales, Chalk Couture offers an extra bonus to our strongest sellers. It’s called the Savvy Seller Bonus and it is paid on the PV of your personal sales when you have at least 2,000 PV in a month. The percentage for which you qualify is based on your total PV for the current month, which includes your wholesale orders placed in your Designer Office as well as customer orders placed on your Chalk Site.

•When your PV is between 2,000 and 3,999 during any given calendar month, you receive a Savvy Seller Bonus of 10% on your monthly PV.

•When your PV is 4,000 or more in the month, you receive a Savvy Seller Bonus of 20% on your monthly PV.

Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 8.58.10 PM

The Savvy Seller Bonus is earned based on the total PV you earn in a month. Note that there are some items that do not earn PV, such as business materials or the Starter Kit. These products do not qualify for PV and will not be included in the Savvy Seller Bonus. This bonus will be paid as part of your deferred commissions, by the 15th of following month.

Are there any other fees for joining Chalk Couture?

Yes, $25/month and that includes the $17.99 Transfer of the Month that is auto-shipped to every designer around the 5th of the month before it becomes available for purchase. Then just $7 for your own personal website where you are able to accept orders from your customers and have people join your team.   $7/month for a website is a STEAL and they do all your payment processing and ship directly to your customers!  It also includes a Point-Of-Sale app that you can download in the app store.

Can I join if I do not intend to sell, but still want a discount?

Absolutely!  You can still join and get the incredible starter kit and take advantage of the amazing 40% discount, however, you must meet the $150 PV per quarter and are subject to the $25/monthly fee for the Couture Club Transfer valued at $17.99 and $7 website fee.

Am I required to keep inventory on hand?

No, not at all.  If you are someone who is a regular vendor at Trade and Craft Fairs, I would recommend purchasing your inventory in advance at the 40% discount and then reselling it at retail.

Is reselling the Chalk Couture items I make allowed?

100% YES, YES YES!  There are many designers that this is all they do.  You can also host “Create and Take” parties.   Out of the 7 antique shops in my town, there are 4 that regularly host type of events and they sell out QUICK!!!  Birthday parties, work functions, wine & chalk, think of the possibilities!

How do I join?

You can SIGN UP TODAY.  Just go to https://thefauxfarmhouse.chalkcouture.com and click on JOIN in the upper right-hand corner.  The joining process is simple and will only take you a few minutes to complete. The store name is the same thing as the username and anything you want it to be.  I chose thefauxfarmhouse because I’m in the process of changing our builder grade craftsman style home into a farmhouse style home.  Make sure the Sponsor ID of thefauxfarmhouse shows in the first box.

**NOTE** once joining and referring friends, family, and customers to your site, DO NOT put www. in front of it.  That will lead them directly to the Corporate site of  Chalk Couture and you will not receive commissions on purchases nor credit for them joining.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me.  I will be happy to assist in any way.


Thank you,