Our products are innovative, easy to use, and unlike anything you have seen in the design and decor world! They are perfect for the creative type (and even better for the not-so-creative type!) and will inspire you to create foolproof projects in minutes!



Bring life and beautiful color to your projects with our removable Chalkology Paste & permanent Couture Ink when heat set,. The options are endless and you can create long-lasting projects or change things up with the flexibility of the Chalkology Paste.


1. Is Chalkology Paste toxic?

No, but is also not for human or animal consumption; do not eat. The paste should be kept from small children and animals.

2. What if my Chalkology Paste becomes dry?

Our new reformulated Chalkology Paste contains a humectant, which will help keep your Paste from completely drying out. If your Paste does become dry you may add a small amount of water and mix it well. Add little drops at a time until the correct consistency (such as sour cream) is reached.

3. What surfaces is Chalkology Paste safe on?

Chalkology Paste is safe to use and remove from most non-porous surfaces, such as Chalkboards, glass, metal, even painted walls. The paste can also be used on porous surfaces such as unfinished wood or paper, but only as a permanent design. It is always advised to test an inconspicuous spot prior to applying Chalk Paste to any surface. Paste colors interact with certain surfaces/finishes which may cause color staining, or “color echo,” after a transfer is removed.

4. Will any of the colors stain my surfaces?

We advise that you test any surface you are applying Paste too. The darker colors, with high amounts of pigment (ie. black and red), will be more likely to stain porous surfaces. Disinfecting wipes and soap with water will help remove the paste; however, a “color echo” or Paste residue may remain. A “color echo” may be more pronounced on an underlying surface the longer it has been on a surface, as well as its exposure to light.

5. How often will the colors change?

We are always striving to produce and create new and fun colors all the time. We are organizing colors into palettes. Some will be seasonal/limited time and others will be foundational colors intended to be stocked for a longer time.

6. Is Couture Ink Permanent? 

Yes, Once heat set the Couture Ink becomes permanent

7. How do you apply the paste?

Apply Chalkology Paste with a Chalk Couture Squeege.  Use a liberal amount over the entire design. Once the design completely covered scrape the excess off the transfer and put it back into the container. The more excess you remove, the better the results you will have. Do not let the Chalkology Paste or Couture Ink dry on the transfer. Make sure to peel the transfer away from the surface before it dries. For larger transfers, grab two corners and peel it away from the board towards you.  You can mist your design with a spray bottle to help pull the transfer off if the paste/ink begins to harden.


Our reusable Chalk Transfers are an adhesive silkscreen that can be used on chalkboards, windows, mirrors, tile, whiteboards, appliances, painted furniture, apparel, pillows, and so much more! They are your imagination’s best friend and can be reused an average of 8-12 times (depending on care and surface applied to). There are hundreds of designs to choose from, allowing you to create a design or decor item for any type of style, space, or celebration!


1. How do I clean my Transfer?

We recommend you wash your Chalk Transfer immediately after use. Use cool water to rinse off excess Paste. Do not let your Transfer soak in standing water, as it will remove the stickiness on the backing of the transfer. Once the Transfer is rinsed off with cool water you will want to dry it by laying it face down with the sticky side up on a level surface. Dish drying mats are preferred, as they absorb excess water quickly. Once the Transfer is dry, you can reattach the shiny side of the paper backer to the sticky side of the Transfer, which is the preferred way to store your Transfer. You may also use a disinfecting wipe to clean off any Transfer, to remove any excess residue. This will also rejuvenate the sticky side of the transfer. Do not use baby wipes, as they will ruin the transfer over time.

2. How long will my Transfer last?

Transfers are designed for multiple uses but are not designed for ongoing/lifetime use. The number of applications in each Transfer varies based on how well they are cleaned between uses, care to apply to a surface and reattach to a backer, and what type of surfaces the Transfer is applied to. For example, if you are using a transfer on raw wood it will affect how many times you will be able to use it, because the wood tends to stick to the transfer. Unwaxed surfaces or surfaces with fibers (raw wood, fabrics, papers) will deplete the life of the Transfer more quickly. On solid surfaces and with proper care, the user can consistently achieve 8-12 applications.

3. My Transfer doesn’t stick anymore; what do I do?

All transfers will eventually lose stickiness. To get the most use you will want to take care of them. Refer the question on Transfer use and care to preserve and restore stickiness.

4. How should I store my Transfers?

Make sure your Transfers are completely dry prior to storage. There are multiple ways to store Transfers such as an art portfolio, the original transfer packaging, using pant hangers to hang them, or storing them flat in a drawer. Experiment to discover what works best for you!

5. What is ‘fuzzing’ and when do I need to do it?

The design of the Transfer and the surface you are applying it to affects how well the Transfer sticks. We highly recommend ‘fuzzing’ a transfer if using on glass, mirrors or windows–all very sleek, often slick, surfaces. Use a terry cloth towel or comparable material to put the transfer on and peel off and on a few times before applying it on the surface you wish to Paste the image on. After application, ensure to clean all the “fuzz fibers” from the Transfer.

6. I’m working with a very large transfer, do you have any tips for me?

For larger transfers, I recommend cutting them in half and working a section at a time. This will help with the paste/ink drying too quickly and also avoid having the transfer stretch when you try and remove it from the board if portions of the paste/ink have dried.


Our porcelain-coated Magnetic Chalkboards make the best surface for your projects and include a 50-year limited warranty. With various sizes and frame styles, there is sure to be one perfect for your home! Or play with pillows, say it with steel and beyond—our growing array of color-ready surfaces are the perfect place to capture your next masterpiece.

1. What is a Z Bar? Why didn’t I get screws? How do I install it?

A Z Bar is a simple and secure method for hanging large and heavy items. The Z bar allows the Chalkboard to hang securely and flush with the wall. Z bars are the securest method in hanging our large framed chalkboards. They come in 2 different sizes which are 12” long and 24” long. We recommend that the 24” Z bar be used with any frame 18” X 24” or large. The 24” Z bar, if installed correctly, can hold up to 200 pounds, and also makes for an ideal system to take the Chalkboard off the wall at any time to re-chalk it. Product FAQs Page 2 Product FAQs Page 3 The Z bar comes with 2 steel cleats and are pre-drilled holes every 8.”

This allows you to drill into a stud in most walls. If you are unable to drill into a stud, we highly recommend using an anchor kit. We do not include screws when purchasing it from us, because you will need to determine what type of screws to use depending on your wall texture and density. The first cleat will need to be mounted to the wall. We recommend you drill into as many studs as possible or use an anchor kit. When mounting the cleat to the wall we also suggest using a level to make sure your board will hang nicely. The second cleat will need to be attached to the frame. When attaching the cleat to the frame, you will want to use small ½ inch screws and center it to the frame. Do not use large sized screws, as you may drill through the frame. Once you have completed these steps, You should be able to slide your chalkboard into the cleat that is attached to the wall.



1. What product is recommended for sealing?

If you want to make your beautiful design last forever, you can by applying a sealant. There are many sealants on the market, such as spray sealants, polyurethanes, and waxes, which can all be used to preserve your designs. Your choice of sealant also varies by the surface you are using and whether your design will be exposed to the elements/ outdoors. Whatever sealant you use, we recommend you read the label to ensure it supports your surface. When you apply any sealant, do so in light coats, and wait for each layer to dry. You do not want your Paste to get too wet or saturated, or it may run and bleed. Our favorite indoor sealant is the crystal clear Krylon spray.