Welcome to the Faux Farmhouse, I’m Cristina Dickinson! I was born and raised in San Diego, CA and I moved up to the beautiful Northwest to attend college and now live in the greater Seattle area with my husband, three children (19, 16, 12)  and Goldendoodle Moxie.  I am a full-time Accountant and Human Resource Manager, big time DIY’er, and my family is passionate about Motocross racing and Snowmobiling!

I love all things farmhouse style, especially signs.  Anytime I mention getting a new sign in front of my family I get big ole “eye roll”, lol.  I have always been envious of local artists who are so talented and create signs with beautiful penmanship and freehand drawings.  One day my sister called me up and said “You have got to check out this company called Chalk Couture, this is something you can do”  It only took me 20 minutes of scouring the internet before I was hooked and joined because this is a GAME CHANGER for me. Anybody can create their own signs and you do not have to have one ounce of creativity in you to do so.  I’m so excited to be able to create signs for family and friends this year and give them as gifts and in my best Oprah voice “You get a sign”,  “You get a sign”, “You get a sign”!

In addition to sharing my Chalk Couture projects, I will also be sharing some of my very own DIY household projects.  Check out the pics below for a sneak peak of the life we live.



My husband and daughter Kaitlin loving the outdoors
My son Preston
My son Parker







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