WELCOME TO Home on Mount Forest

Thanks for stopping by!  For years my family and friends have been encouraging me to start a blog to document my decor ideas and DIY projects.  I have been hesitant for many reasons.  #1 is that I am an Accountant and good with numbers, not writing.  All the ideas are in my head, however, I draw a blank when trying to articulate how to put them into words and capture readers. I’m more of a “short and sweet, get to the point” kind of person. #2 we own small (1900 sq ft) standard builder-grade cookie cutter home on 1.5 acres in the greater Seattle area.  Nothing special about it, no bells and whistles, no open floor plan, no high ceilings, special moldings or craftsman trim.  This blog is dedicated to sharing ideas on making the best of what I have and turning my house into a home that I have love.

If you’ve been a long time follower then you know I recently changed my name from The Faux Farmhouse to Home on Mount Forest.  I felt it was more suited for my decor style and can stay with me in whatever way I choose to style my home in the future.

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