Modern Farmhouse Powder Room Reveal

Modern Farmhouse Powder Room Reveal

Modern Farmhouse Powder Room Reveal

It’s finally done and I accomplished 90% of the Modern Farmhouse Powder Room Reveal by myself while my husband was out of town.  That’s fairly typical of the way I do things around here. I wait until he’s gone and get to work. No sooner he left the driveway I was out the door and headed to Lowes.

How I did this for $100-Modern Farmhouse Powder Room Reveal

How I did this for around $100 still amazes me!  I knew I wanted to use tongue & groove, but it’s very pricey, so I started thinking about wood paneling that’s also tongue & groove.  You know the vertical paneling that is in almost every home built in the 70’s?  This type of paneling has a groove down the center, but if you install it backwards it’s completely flat.

Center groove on the left picture, flip the board around and it’s flat on the right picture.

I checked online and saw that Lowe’s had it on sale in 8′ sections.  To make a long story short they were out of stock of the 8′, the manager offered me 12′ at the same price as the 8′ so I agreed.   Then he came back and said he didn’t want to separate the pallet and would deliver it to me if I took it all.  Ummm yes please!, but I negotiated to $1.00 a board!!!!  When the cashier rang me up before the discount it was $797.00, I paid $96 and I am still in shock!  It get’s even better! I used what I needed along with doing the wall behind our Master Bathroom vanity and sold the rest for $200.00.

Here is what the bathroom looked like before.  Unfortunately, this is the only picture I have and I took it after the mirror mysteriously fell off the wall (probably because I did not put an anchor in the wall. shhhh!)  I was able to sell the all-in-one vanity and purchase the dresser and a round mirror.



After replacing the floors and removing the wallpaper

Installation-Modern Farmhouse Powder Room Reveal

I used a stud finder to mark my spots so I knew where to nail the tongue part of the board into the wall. Starting above the baseboard (generally, you should remove the baseboard). Then you take your next piece and put the groove in the tongue and then lightly tap with a hammer to secure a tight fit.  Rinse and repeat!

After it was all installed I really contemplated leaving it this way.  I liked the look of the natural wood and the dresser was refinished so beautifully it was really hard for me to think of painting it.

Painting-Modern Farmhouse Powder Room Reveal

First I painted the ceiling in Sherwin Williams Tricon Black.  I have this color on all my interior doors and kitchen island, it’s my go-to black!  Tongue and Groove has knots that bleed so a good primer is necessary and I used BIN stain-blocking primer (2 coats).  Initially, I had planned on using my favorite creamy white Sherwin Williams Alabaster.  However, after painting a few boards it took on a pink hue as the bathroom does not receive a lot of natural light.  After spending an overwhelming amount of time trying to decide on the right white I wanted to use I ended up going with Sherwin Williams Pro-Classic in High Reflective White.

Framing-Modern Farmhouse Powder Room Reveal

I absolutely love using my power saws, but cannot miter a corner to save my life. If I could I would have installed crown molding and mitered the corners where the tongue and groove come together. Off to plan B!  I picked up 3.5″x12′ Hemlock wood strips from Lowe’s and used them to frame the tongue & groove and I actually prefer the look over crown molding.

Converting the dresser into a vanity-Modern Farmhouse Powder Room Reveal

Ok, this is where my husband had to step in.  He first had to measure and drill two holes for the faucet and sink. This was a little tricky because of the two top drawers.  Most of the dressers I have seen converted only have a single top drawer and then notch out the two bottom drawers to accommodate the plumbing.

I’m really happy with the finished product and the fact that it didn’t break the bank to give it a fresh new look.

The removable wallpaper you see to the right it temporary and made by Divine @ Target.  This wall has outlets and I need my husbands help to cut the tongue and groove around it.

Souce List

Mirror-World Market Brass Loop Mirror (I painted it copper)

16×20 Wall Frames-Michael’s Belmont Frame in Honey (wait until they are on sale)

Wall Art-Free printables by Rebecca and enlarged at Costco

Jute Plant-TJ Maxx

Faucet-Waterfall in Oil Rubbed Bronze

Sink-Ceramic Oval Vessel 

Round Chicken Wire Basket-Charlotte Lined Wire Basket

Toilet Paper Bin-Home Goods

Wood Caddy-Ashland Wood Caddy with Chalk Couture “Seaport” Transfer and Black Chalkology Paste

Lantern on toilet-Galvanized Wire Lantern

Tongue & Groove- 5.5″ x 8′

Framing Trim-Hemlock Base Moulding (I paid considerably less)

Peel & Stick Wallpaper-Divine

Dresser Paint-General Finishes Milk Paint Lamp Black

Bamboo Window Shade-Driftwood

Jute Rug-Home Goods

Vanity Light-Industrial Wall Sconce

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