Sectional Pillow Styling with Hackner Home

This is a sponsored post featuring pillow covers from Hackner Home.

I recently came across Hackner Home on Instagram and as I soon as I saw the selection of Pillow Covers I knew they would be perfect for the sectional in our living room.

I’ve noticed a trend while following Instagram home decor accounts, or maybe it’s not a trend and I was just behind the times. For the last 20 or so years I have ALWAYS had matching pillow covers on each end of the sofa. In fact, on this sectional I had the same 3 pillows in all 3 corners.

This is the only picture I was able to find where all 3 corners have the same pillows. I recently moved this sectional from the family room to the living room.

In my search to switch things I set some rules for myself :

  1. Affordable
  2. Something different than what you can find at Target or Home Goods
  3. Designer Look
  4. Affordable
  5. Selection of fabric and sizes
  6. No duplicate pillows with the same design
  7. Support a small business
  8. Did I say affordable?

In all honesty, this search was harder than I expected. While browsing Pinterest and Instagram I would come across ads with beautiful displays and once on their site discover a pillow cover for $80. There is no way I am about to pay $80 for a single pillow cover and I need 8! Do the math, that’s not happening!!

The first thing I did was create a design board for the living room using the items I already had (minus the leather chair) on Canva. Canva is free to use and helps me see the space and add elements.

Once I had moved the furniture into the room I then took a picture of the room and added it to Canva. I think this is a very important step so your not just seeing everything on the white Canva background above. If you follow me on Instagram I have a “Canva Tutorial” saved to my highlights. This room will not be finished until next month where I will post a complete reveal.

From here I placed the screen shots of the pillow covers on the sectional to help me visualize.

3 Corner sizes 24″x24″, All other square pillows 22″x22″ and lumbar is 12″x21″ The great thing is that I can mix and match different corners with the pillows covers and always switch it up because they coordinate well each other.

The covers came in and I had a chance to play around with them!

From left to right: Vintage rug lumbar, Earthy Brown, Sage Green Stripe, Dark blue stripe, Distressed Vintage Stripe, Dark Blue Textured, Brown Woven, Black Boho Jute Stripe

The Art Ledge is not finished, just testing out frame sizes, hence the two sideways family photos

I am ecstatic that I was able to give this a designer look on a modest budget. The quality is exceptional and all covers are hand woven with zipper closures. What does that mean? You can feel it! Many pillows are screen printed with the pattern on them, like a t-shirt, not these!!

I am so pleased with them that I have started planning my family room, here’s a sneak peak..

First-only adding furniture and decor items
Second-Take picture of the room and add furniture
Third-drill down just using the sofa and rug to coordinate pillows. Notice anything? not one single matching pillow!
And lastly add it all back in. This room will not be completed until March as the sofa is on backorder.

Make sure to check out Hackner Home, you will not be disappointed!



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