Minimalist Master Bedroom Reveal

If you have been following me for some time then you know we do not live in a large home and the size of our master bedroom is no exception.  In addition, I have gradually been changing my décor from Farmhouse Style to Minimalist.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Farmhouse style, but I felt I could never get it “right” and it felt very forced especially for the style of my home. 

I will say that I was able to sell all of the furniture, bedding and décor that you see in the before pictures and not have to spend any additional money on this refresh.


The dressers are on the wall behind me as I took this picture and the master vanity to the right

Here is the design board I created to help me visualize the space

The first thing I did was paint the room from SW Repose Gray to SW Alabaster.  Repose Gray always took on a blue hue in this room. The majority of our home is SW Alabaster and felt it would just be easiest to continue in this room.

Next,  I wanted to eliminate one of the dressers.  After watching Marie Kondo, I was able to get everything from the tall gray chest into our teeny tiny closet (my husband is not thrilled) and then just have one dresser along the wall.  Eventually I would like to mount the TV here, but for now I’m loving the styled look.  The ladder used to be 8’ and brownish/red in color, I cut it down and painted the same color as my son’s dresser Dunn & Edwards Black Spruce and had SW color match it.

One thing I loved about our old nightstands was the size.  They were wide and tall.  After week of searching and coming up empty handed I started searching Ikea. I have seen plenty of the Ikea Rast Hacks, however I wanted it to have legs that I could cut at the same angle as the dresser.  That’s when I found the Ikea Tarva and created my own hack.  It’s painted SW Black Tricorn (all the black you see in my home is this color) and added hardware that fit into the already pre-drilled holes.  If I were to do this again I would get the Ikea Rast as there is a significant price difference between it and the Tarva. The speckled vases are from Target and the Eucalyptus stems are from Pier 1.

Selecting a bed was the hardest thing for me, it really is a big commitment. Originally, I had my heart set on a canopy bed, but since we don’t have high ceilings and our room is small it would make the room feel even smaller.  I really struggled with if I wanted a wood or fabric bed and would one look more outdated than the other in a few years?  This took me even longer and several design boards to make a decision.  I first found this bed on West Elm, but…….. I was not willing to pay what they are selling it for. Then I headed to my go-to sites of All Modern and Wayfair. Bed arrived within a few days and was easy to put together. I found it to be very well made and heavy.  It is a platform bed and sits lower than what I’m used to so we had to ditch the box spring.

For the bedding I knew I wanted something solid, light & bright.  I prefer matelassé duvet covers as they do not wrinkle and are heavy, this is the Medallion Matelasse from Target.  At the end of the bed I placed the West Elm Fringe Blanket purely as décor.  It is very light weight, so much so that I wouldn’t consider it a “blanket”.  The décor pillows are Serena and Lily “dupes” for a fraction of the cost which I ordered online from TJ Maxx (warning: they take FOREVER TO SHIP).

Artwork above the bed was cheap and easy. They are downloads from Etsy that I uploaded to Costco and had them printed in a 20”x30” size.  The frames are from Ikea which I spray painted Rustoleum Pure Gold to tie in the hardware from the nightstands. Stock picture from Etsy below

Let’s talk about this rug!!!! (not orange at all as it’s showing in the edited pictures)  It is only recently that I learned about Loloi rugs, they range from affordable to breaking the bank. This is one of the affordable ones I purchased on Amazon in a 7’x9’.  It’s the Layla Olive and Charcoal and here is an unedited picture.  In the past I have always bought rugs that are room specific to the décor, but with this I can move it.  It has no pile height, it’s more like a screen print on a  pad and even though it’s thin it lays nicely over carpet

Fall/Winter Bedding using a different preset to edit so you get a better idea of the true color

One day we will figure out how to remodel our vanity/bathroom area.  I purchased this vanity at Costco YEARS ago is open to the bedroom.  To the left of it is the tub/shower combo with a toilet and to the right is a closet. I would love to figure out a way to have it be one big room with a separate shower and free-standing tub, but for the life of me have not been able to put a design together. In the meantime, I painted it black to match the nightstands and the Tongue and Groove SW Alabaster.  Don’t let the before picture fool you, it is highly edited! The foot board of the bed is behind me in this picture. (I have since painted the sides of the T&G wall but forgot to take an updated picture)

Behind the door is a tub/shower combo and toilet

Behind this door is the closet

Please if anyone has remodeled a bathroom similar that is open to the bedroom or has any ideas on how to remodel the bathroom, I’m all ears!!


West Elm Dupe
Watch for sales. I paid under $400
Comes in and out of stock quite often
Chunky Yarn Pillow
Serena and Lily Dupe Pillow
Comes in and out of stock quiet often
Framed Map
You can add states, cities or countries

Bamboo Shades-Home Decorators Collection from Home Depot in Driftwood color

Etsy Printable Set
Uploaded these to Costcophotocenter and picked up same day
Ikea dresser that I hacked into a nightstand
You can read about it here
My tip for Ikea! Order online for store pickup

Eucalyptus branches and Gold orb are from Pier 1 and currently sold out. The branches are seasonal and come back in stock Spring/Summer

For the Fall/Winter season I swapped out for a beige linen duvet and olive pillow covers (lighter in person that manufacturer picture)

Fall Beige Linen Duvet
They are currently sold out of the beige at the time of this post
2 pack pillow covers
Other colors available


  • Abby Kozak

    Beautiful! We just bought the same bed from overstock and I love your design. We have a small room and closet as well. Do you remember where you got the 9 drawer dresser from?

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