Boy’s Mid Century Modern Bathroom Reveal

This unexpected remodel came to be when just a few short months ago we were considering selling our home.  We knew we wanted to stay in the same area and being that only 1-3 homes are listed for sale in our area per year we had to move quick.  A home became available with an AMAZING view of the valley below us and we were ready to jump on it.  Our realtor came over and walked through our home suggesting that we replace the toilet in the boy’s bathroom.  I mean after all it was 30 years old!  I’m not sure how it works in other states, but in Washington state you have 5 days to list your home after you place an offer in on another home.  As we were ready to submit an offer the seller received an offer for a considerable amount over asking, so we decided to continue “casually” searching.


Regardless if we were going to sell, the toilet still needed to be replaced. We figured we would continue with the little things in the house that needed to be fixed, updated or replaced until the right home comes along and it won’t be such a rush when it’s time to list ours.  As I was getting ready to remove the toilet, I noticed the linoleum around the tub was lifting, all 3 layers of it that the previous owners had installed…… Now onto plan B, tile. In order to do this I had to remove the linoleum and the sub-floor.

A couple years ago I gave the bathroom a mini refresh by stenciling the existing linoleum

The majority of the linoleum came up fairly easily just by pulling it, however the sub-floor was nailed down.  I used a Dewalt saw to cut rectangular sections into the sub-floor and then used a crowbar to lift it up. Total time to for removal was about an hour. 


Next would be to install the backboard for the tile to be laid on.  Unfortunately, the floor was not level so I had to sweet talk my husband into applying the level compound.  Once that was dry I scraped off the rough edges and was able to get the backboard cut and installed.

My original plan was to tile the floor with black Hexagon, but all the Hexagon I found was 13”x13”. In other words, they were large for this small bathroom would not make the impact I was going for.  If you have a Floor and Décor in your area I highly suggest going there before planning your next project. The selection blows away anything you will find out Home Depot and Lowes and their prices are very competitive.  While browsing the aisles I found this black picket tile (also comes in white and gray) and knew instantly that this would complete the room. 

Once I got home I dry fitted it to see if would look best installed vertically or horizontally. Horizontal for the win!

Here is a quick video of me installing some of the tile.  I first spread out the mortar and then began placing the tile.


I knew for the wall tile I wanted something modern and white.  I did not want the regular staggered Subway tile that I see in every bathroom and kitchen on Instagram.   Also, from Floor & Décor I stumbled up this skinny subway and stacked it for a modern look.  Instead of using Mortar on the wall I used a double-sided tile adhesive called Mussel Bound.  It is more expensive than using Mortar, but so much easier and no mess.  It is EXTREMELY sticky, so if you misplace a tile you need to carefully remove it. I used a very small crowbar or exacto knife when I made a mistake.  My original plan was to tile up to the ceiling, but knowing that the walls in our home are not 100% level I decided to go ¾ up the wall so I didn’t end up with a DIY gone bad!


This was a tricky one! Standard vanities come in 36”, 48” and 60”.   The space I have is 57”.   I searched high and low for one that would fit the space best and came across the Ikea Godmorgon.  With the vanity top it is 56 ¼”.  I ordered online for in-store pickup.  Once the vanity was assembled, I spray painted the overflow plugs black to match the faucets I ordered on Amazon.

I am so happy with the final result of this bathroom.   It was A LOT of work and I’m not ready to work on another bathroom anytime soon.  Our master bathroom is in desperate need of a remodel but will have to wait!


Wall color-Sherwin Williams Pro-classic line in High Reflective White Semi-gloss

Door Color-Sherwin Williams Emerald Paint line in Tricorn Black Semi Gloss (all the black you see in my home is this color)

Picket Tile with black grout-Floor & Decor

Wall tile with white grout-Floor & Decor

Vanity –Ikea Godmorgon (I spray painted the handles black)

Sink Top-Ikea Odensvik (I spray painted the overflow plug black)

Optional legs if you don’t want the vanity 100% floating. You need 3-Godmorgon Leg

Soap Dispensers (I spray painted black and ordered brass pumps from Amazon) –Ikea Ekolm

Gold Soap Pumps-Amazon

Curved Shower Rod-Amazon


Mirrors (these do come in black, but sell out quick. Black was not in stock when I ordered so I ordered the brushed gold, popped the mirror out carefully and spray painted the fram) Amazon

Turkish Towel Set by the toilet and hand towel by sing-Amazon

Turkish Towel hanging on hook next to tub-Amazon

Kitchler Tasha 4 light vanity-Wayfair

Project 62 Shower Curtain-Target

Toilet Paper holder-World Market, found in their office supply section

Shelves-Hobby Lobby

Tale of Two Wolves Sign-Small Woods Home

Planter-Home goods

Plant-ZZ Plant from Home Depot

Framed map-Mapiful, Frame from Target

Shelf Decor-Gold ball-Pier 1, Epson Salt in glass gar-Target, Reeds-Candle Science, Reed Jar-Target, clear glass jars-Hobby Lobby, Black Jack-Hobby Lobby, Faux Pearl Plant-Target


    • Cristina

      Thank you! Yes I spray painted them black along with the overflow valve on the sinks.

      I have taken the legs off as the vanity is attached to the wall, but we left them on for a couple of months with them “almost” touching the floor just to make sure

  • Ivy

    Hi. How did you get the shaker fronts on the vanity? The ikea website doesn’t show that option for the godmorgon. Thanks!

    • Cristina

      At the time I bought this, it was sold just like this with shaker fronts. The last time I looked on their site I noticed they did not have it anymore but figured it was just out of stock temporarily. However, you can purchase drawer fronts through Semihandmade website and they frequently have 20% sales.

    • Cristina

      It’s the Walnut color (just checked my order online) but after looking at their website they no longer have this model (shaker drawers) or color. However you can order different drawer fronts from Semihandmade

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