Mid Century Modern Bedroom Reveal

About a year ago I gave Preston, my oldest son a bedroom refresh thinking it would be the last time since he was 17. However, it never quite sat right with me. If you have been following along then you know at one time my entire home was decorated in Farmhouse Style, but it really doesn’t fit the style of our home. It was time to give this room a Mid Century Modern Bedroom vibe.

Don’t worry! Not more than $150 was spent on this room. If you’ve been following me for some time then you know that I flip furniture in order to fund my decorating habits! I sold his old bed frame for $150 (originally purchased on Craigslist for $60 and then painted) his Ikea dresser, rug, and bedding. Actually, I was ahead of the game. His room is small so I had to maximize the space.

Mid Century Modern Bedroom Mood Board

This is the view from the Hallway looking in. The bed was moved to the other wall so when you walk in the headboard will be to your right and the end of the bed close to the desk
I wanted a black wall, but not the wall to see when you view the bedroom from the hallway, so I moved it against another wall

Mid Century Modern Bedroom Reveal

View from the upstairs hallway. Last summer I replaced all the door and window trim in our home. Tutorial here.

Barn Doors

I made these Bypass closet barn doors for my son. Don’t have the time or means to make your own barn doors? Scroll to the bottom of this post and I will share a company that has an amazing selection for you to choose from.

DIY Wall Ladder.
At one point his room was littered with his motocross trophies that now live in the closet and he keeps his favorite out for display.

One of the things my son requested with this refresh was a low profile/platform bed. If you saw his Farmhouse Style bedroom, the bed was really tall!

Ikea Platform bed was a $50 Craigslist find. It was originally a blonde wood and I stained it darker.

I’m very lucky that he doesn’t care how is room is decorated or the art work I select, but I do honor his wishes with keeping some of his favorite pictures and mementos displayed.

Just a reminder what the closet doors looked like before

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  • Faye Ramsey

    I am forever recommending your blog to other people. The most important thing is the fact that you tell where you purchase things as well as the cost and instructions. Personally, I liked your farmhouse style the best. However, I love everything you do.

    • Cristina

      Thank you Faye! You were one of my first followers! I do still love Farmhouse style but I never felt I could get it right. Not matter how hard I tried it didn’t suit our home and felt very forced.

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