Minimalist Family Room Reveal with Macy’s Radley Sectional

**UPDATE 9/26/22*** I should have written this update 6 months after having the sectional delivered. The sectional is wonderful, don’t get me wrong. Do I regret getting white? 100000000000000000000000000000%. We moved the sectional to our formal living room that we NEVER use and purchased a leather sofa for the family room.

For years I have been wanting to give this room a makeover and that included getting a sectional. However, my husband was dead set on keeping the leather sofa. It’s La-Z-Boy and was well the money spent. We had it for 13 years, through 3 kids and pets and it still had lots of life left. The only problem with a family of 5 we could not all fit on the sofa to have a relaxing tv night. 3 would fit on the sofa, 1 in the side chair and 1 in the computer chair. Not to mention when the kids had friends over. It just wasn’t working for us.

Our family room is small and not ideal for a sectional, but that didn’t matter to me. We live in the house and had to make this space functional for our needs.

Let’s take a look at the first before, dark and dreary!

One of the first things I did to transform this room was replace the floors, paint the walls, limewash the fireplace and add Board and Batten. Tutorial here . Board and Batten paint color SW Alabaster, wall color SW Agreeable gray. This is my absolute favorite gray and great for an all over home color.

Although I love the upper wall color, the majority of my home is painted SW Alabaster, and I felt I needed to continue it in this room also. To me painting everything white and then accenting with warm-toned accents makes the space feel larger.

Blanket ladder and black print blanket are from Renew Relics on Instagram. Beige blankets are from Target, Faux Fiddle Leaf is the smaller size from Pottery Barn

I also added a faux wood beam to the fireplace for $20. Tutorial here

Vases are old Southern Living at Home that came in Red, Yellow and Green. I painted the upper portion white. Olive Stems-Ballard Designs, Mirror is Project 62 from Target, 5 Wick Dough Bowl is from Flare Candles, candle sticks are from Amazon, they were gold and I spray painted white. Speckled beige Vase on right is from Threshold @ Target. Plant basket Home Goods

I searched MONTHS for a sectional, finding the best deal and one with the most positive reviews. Finally I found the Radley from Macy’s. You can design it in so many configurations that it will work for almost any space. I love the look of having a chaise lounge on one end, but we didn’t have the space for it.

One thing to note about the Radley sectional. The manufacturer is Jonathan Louis, so although it only shows you a small amount of fabrics it comes standard in, you can order any Jonathan Louis fabric to put on the sectional. For a small upgrade and 7-10 week delivery I ordered it in a fabric called Urban Suede in the color chalk. I was dead set on having a white sectional. I figured with my kids being older I wouldn’t have to worry about it getting dirty. Big Mistake. The sectional is fantastic, but I should have gone with gray instead. This was my fault.

All sectional pillows are from Target
Both rugs are from Rugs USA, Edessa Rust and Jute Chevron coffee table and leather pouf Amazon, tray Home Goods, Throw blanket from Target
Nesting stools from Target
When searching for sectionals, one thing was a must. The corner had to be a Wedge so it can actually be used for seating.
TV Console is from World Market. Ideally I would like to get the Samsung Frame TV for above the fire place to free up some more room
Gold frames are 16″x20″ Project 62 from Target. Had I know about Ikea frames prior I would have purchased those as they are much more affordable. I edited the photos too dark, but I always have mine printed through
Table and Bench are from Wayfair, it’s the “Valerie” and comes in several colors. We have a small space and at 60″ it fits perfectly. Wood chairs are also from Wayfair, but the brand is Ashley Signature, and Rattan chairs were a FB marketplace find, but the stickers said Ross. Glass jug is Amazon, Faux Olive Branches are from Ballard Designs, Whiskey tray is from Pier1 and copper salt/pepper from Amazon

I’m so happy with this light and airy transformation. If I were to do anything differently it would have been to get the sectional in gray. The quality is fantastic, but I feel I am micro-managing anyone who sits on it to make sure their clothes and hands are clean enough.

On another note if planning on purchasing furniture from Macy’s, one thing I was not aware of is that you cannot pick up from their store (certain smaller or discounted items you may be able to), but everything is delivered to you and set up, no exceptions. That is an additional fee and the fee is per piece of furniture, 5 for my sectional $250.00. Also, if you live outside the delivery area like myself it’s an additional $25. So make sure to budget that in. The delivery and set up was fast and I was very happy with the service.


  • When Sunflowers Bloom

    Looks lovely. We used to have a red! faux leather couch eeek.. definitely not my idea. Now that I am living more simple and I like neutral things

    side note: Always been that way but we were newly married and I let him pick the couch lol..

    • Cristina

      The lighter color. My mother in law has the dark gray Radley sofa and it’s too dark for my area. I have since moved the sectional into my formal living room that does not get used and purchased a leather sofa for my family room so I don’t have to worry about it

      • Kimberly Heeter

        Thank you for responding so quickly! I ordered the heavenly cinder grey sectional today.

      • Cristina

        The small lantern in the before picture is from Pier 1. The larger lantern in the after photo is from Decor Steals. They get them often. I will tell you that I ordered two and 1 arrived broken.

    • Cristina

      No it’s not. It’s called Urban Suede in Chalk. You won’t find it as a choice on the website. The manufacturer of the sectional is Jonathan Louis and when you go to a Macy’s furniture store you can choose any Jonathan Louis fabric on it. It does cost more and is considered special order and took 7 weeks to come in

      It’s beautiful but not a smart choice on my part with this color. I should have gotten the lighter gray

  • Michelle Rose

    Would you be able to give an updated review on the quality of the sectional? We’re close to ordering but wanted to get a sense for wear and tear on the seats and back cushions. We have 4 kids and 2 dogs… Thanks in advance!!

    • Cristina

      Hello, I still love it as much as the day it arrived, but I will tell you that I have moved it to formal living room after 6 months so it does not get a lot of use

      If I had ordered it in gray I would have kept it in the room it’s in, however I always had to cover it in blankets so it would not get dirty. I should have never gotten the white color, it’s just doesn’t work for our family

      Are you a part of any Facebook decor groups? If you search Radley Sectional you will tons of reviews on them. I would say that 90% are happy with their purchase.

      • Sally

        Having them deliver and set up the couch for $250 is not their only option. I’m having mine dropped off outside for $190, and could have split the difference to have them drop it off inside without setting it up. Sounds like they probably deliberately didn’t tell you there were more options

      • Cristina

        Oh wow, I had no idea that was an option and no they did not tell me. My entire family was gone for a few days so there is no way I would have been able to do it myself, however I will keep that in mind for the next time, thank you for the tip!

  • Jen

    Hey there! We have a radley now in the dark gray and we love it! We want to get a new one in a white (there are sooo many whites).. yours is beautiful! Do you happen to know if any of these fabrics from Macy’s are “performance” as some higher end places such as arhaus, crate and barrel, etc? We are debating paying more for the performance fabric since we are getting white. Thank you!

    • Cristina

      Hello Jen,

      I am unsure if any of their fabric is performance fabrics in the sense that you are looking for. I know exactly what you are referring to. There is one gal I follow on IG, I think her handle is HeartandHaven? Her name is Erin I remember her getting furniture from Maiden Home. She sampled fabrics ahead of time with many liquids, dirt, etc and they came right off.

  • Amanda

    how has your Radley couch worm over time? I have read many reviews that said the fabric was cheap and thin and the cushions started to sink etc..

    • Cristina

      Hi there! I upgraded from the fabric that it comes in. Since it’s made by Jonathan Louis you can select any fabric from him that’s avail in the Macy’s store. It was an extra $400 to do so. I am good about flipping the the seat cushions and rotating the back pillows. The cushion that has the most wear is the large wedge corner because that is where everyone wants to sit.

  • Kathy

    Looks great! I recently switched from a dark pumpkin 90s wall color to a light beige with SW Alabaster trim and love it. But I have two dark brown couches. I am looking at the Radley sofa and chair from Macy’s in Heavenly Chrome Beige. How did you get them to put different fabric on your sofa?

    • Cristina

      The Radley is made by Jonathan Louis. At the Macy’s store they will have large fabric swatches for JL. Anything that is JL can have the fabric switched. The fabric I selected was about a $400 upgrade (would not recommend if you have small kids, atleast in the white). Where they get you is the shipping. Where I live you cannot pick up at the store so that was an extra $225

  • Sara

    I own the dark gray JL sectional with lounge. I love it and want to pair it with a JL leather, rectangle ottoman with open storage underneath and chrome legs, I saw on the JL website, featured in different color leather tops in living room settings. Macy’s doesn’t carry this particular ottoman and i can’t find it to order on the JL website. I love this ottoman and wonder how to order from the JL website? Thank You.

    • Cristina

      Hello Sara! I think the only way to do that would be to go to the JL website and select “find a dealer” if they don’t have it in stock then they should be able to order it for you.

      It only lets you search in a 50 mile radius so you may have to enter different cities in your stare to find a dealer

  • Laura Reese

    I have board and batten in dining room and have been thinking of painting the upper walls the same color as trim (like yours). My question is did you use same sheen as trim?

    • Cristina

      Yes I used the same sheen because it’s all white. If I had used a different color on the walls than the B&B I would have used an eggshell or satin. Both my walls and B&B are SW Emerald in Semi Gloss in the color Alabaster. Same with the window and door trim

  • Valerie Comparato

    I am looking at the Radley sofa. Can not decide between the light gray or dark gray. My walls are BM stonington gray and I have medium/dark wood floors.

    • Cristina

      Sorry for the delay in responding. My mother-in-law has the dark gray in the couch version and it looks brand new 3 years later. If there have been any spills you cannot tell. Personally I like the look of the light gray, however if you have pets, small children, and if your husband does not work an office job where his clothes stay clean, I’m not sure how well the light gray will hold up.

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