Living Room Art Ledge with Juniper Print Shop

You may remember I built a $10 Art Ledge for guest bedroom (formerly my daughter’s room) a few months ago. I have swapped our Living Room and Family room furniture and wanted to add another ledge above the sectional.

I absolutely love when artists offer printables. Not only is it affordable, but there is virtually no wait time to get them printed and you don’t feel guilty switching art out.

I first found Juniper Print Shop on Instagram and immediately went to their website to start planning this. I already one print from Juniper called White Sands that is placed above my oldest son’s desk. DIY $70 Barn Door Tutorial can be found here

I had a strong suspicion that they would be having an amazing Black Friday sale so I patiently waited. All digital files are $20 each regular price, but many of them were 40% for Black Friday. In the meantime I planned out what prints I was going to purchase using a tool called Canva. Canva is free and a lifesaver for me! It helps me plan out my rooms and gives me a good visual ahead of time

I first got the Art Ledge installed, placed my frames on the ledge (all are Ikea except the far left one with the bird and the smaller black one which I already had) and then went to work with taking screen shots from Juniper Print Shop of my favorite prints and and adding them to the art ledge.

I was undecided on what print I wanted for the far right next to the wall sconce. So I created a blank page in canva enlarging the prints and setting them up as the would be on the ledge and only switching out the last print.

This was the final design I selected. I wanted to have a mix of Nature, Vintage, Abstract and Photography. If I ever decide to switch things around it’s affordable to do so.

Total cost $166.08

-With the digital downloads on sale they ranged from $12-$15 each and the cost for those were $78.00.

-Frames-I already had two of them so the other 4 from Ikea were around $50 plus $10 to ship (worth it to me instead of the two hour round-trip commute) $60

-Costco Photo Center- Upload online and done the same day (depending on what time you upload) $28.08

If downloading digital prints is not your thing, Juniper Print Shop will also ship them to you on their “Juniper paper is a paper-vinyl hybrid with a gorgeous, chalky matte finish that can be used with or without glass.

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