spray painting window frames

Spray painting window frames and adding faux panes

Our home was built in 1989 and at the time I am posting this it’s 30 years old. Our windows desperately need to be replaced and are far from anything Energy Efficient by today’s standards!

So, I thought why not dress them up a bit? Black windows are all the rage right now and I love the classic look of them. Thinking back 20 years I would have not wanted black windows in my home, funny how things change.

I wanted to have the kitchen nook and window black to match the black french doors. So here’s what I started with, raw unedited photos, lol.



Canyon Black Satin Spray Paint
I ordered the 6 pack since I plan to do more windows
Just an FYI, my local Lowes did not carry this

Now to build the panes. I ordered them from New Panes. You can order individual pieces for what you need, but I ordered the Patio Door Kit which was almost enough to complete 7 windows. The panes are made out of a PVC type material and you can cut these with SCISSORS!!!

If you look at the picture above you will see how the left side has no “surround”, basically a border. The right side does. So I need to create a surround. You will use more parts when building a surround. In the picture below you can see how I created it and then dry fit the frames.


It comes with a set of directions on how to measure out the sizes you will need. It seems a little confusing at first, but you DO NOT WANT TO WING IT!, use the instructions, I promise they are easy!

Left side shows building w/out surround and right side w/surround. If you look at the example I did it shows that I need 4 pieces that are 15.75″ and 3 pieces that are 13.66. I always cut a little larger and then trim if needed

Here is how you put them together and not pictured are the “L” shape corner brackets used to build a surround which require 4 per window.

Once the frames were built I spray painted them to match the window frames and attached the included velcro to attach it to the window. Yes, you can see it from the outside, but it’s the back deck and it doesn’t bother me.

Velcro and double-sided sticky tape included


I purchased mine at Kohls (no longer available) on sale for $27.00
Mini bowls on table. 1 Cream, 1 Black

Wood bowl on table was a TJ Maxx find.

Gold Frames-Project 62 from Target in 16″x20″. I was not able to find an online link.

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