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My family and friends know this about me, but for those who don’t, I am extremely frugal!!! For over two years now I have been trying to figure out how I can get this Samsung Frame Art TV for next to nothing. After endless searches, this is the best price I have found ($969) with over 11k positive reviews and free shipping. This is over $100 less than what Amazon sells for. The best part?? Not only was it free, I made money on it!

As a family, we have never really been into the coolest electronics and gadgets so a fancy TV has never been a top priority. We’ve always taken hand me downs from my parents (this is replacing a TV made in 2010)

We use the Costco Citi rewards credit card in order to earn money back at the end of the year. I am very diligent about paying the balance off on a weekly basis. I had planned to get this last year, but a child who will remain nameless had to have their wisdom teeth extracted…..

If you do not know what a Samsung Frame TV is, the best way to describe it is “TV when it’s on, Art when it’s off” The Art mode allows you to display framed art collections to seamlessly match your decor. It comes pre-loaded with art, you can upload your own art or pictures, or you sign up for the Samsung Art Store for $4.99/month (first month free) and browse hundreds of pieces.

I love art, however I have a difficult time committing to pieces with how often I switch out my decor.

I found that it was more user-friendly/quicker to browse and make art selections on the Smarthings Phone App vs on the TV. Once downloaded you can browse the art, add a frame, mat and change the brightness, color tone and set the sleep, motion detector and night mode.

In addition, you can set up a rotation of art based on collections in art mode and set the art to change as little as every 10 minutes or 7 days, or not at all. I recommend adding the art you like to your “favorites” by selecting the heart. This way you if you rotate the collection it will be pieces in there that you like.


It is also very easy to customize the piece by adding a choice of two frames and 10 mat colors.

No Mat
Modern Mat
Shadowbox Mat
10 different colored mats to select from
With a click of a button it instantly appears on your TV. I adjusted the settings to brighten it up.


Now to tell you how I actually got money back on this. I received my Costco rewards certificate, I cashed it in at my local Costco. After ordering the TV my total was $33.00!!!! It gets even better! After two years of submitting my application, I was finally approved. LiketoKnowit is where you earn commission on the items you list in your profile. This application helps support my blog by linking my Instagram posts and making them shoppable. There is no cost to the consumer. Soooooooo, I used my link and received $62.00 back in commission, therefore, I made $29.00.


Here is just a sample of the artwork I have saved to my favorites.

Samsung 55" frame art tv
Samsung 55" frame art tv
Samsung 55" frame art tv
Samsung 55" frame art tv
Samsung 55" frame art tv

Not crazy about the standard black frame? No worries! You can purchase MAGNETIC Bezels in White, Brown, and Beige. They come in 4 pieces and you just place it right on the frame. I plan to purchase the beige one.

Remember how I said you can upload your own art? One of my favorite sources of digital art is from They are affordable high-quality digital downloads delivered to you immediately. The Vintage collection is my favorite! This one pictured Sapphire Lake

Samsung 55" frame art tv



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