boys modern farmhouse bedroom reveal

Boys Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Reveal-Teenager Style

Teen Boys Farmhouse Bedroom Reveal

Every couple years I change the kid’s bedroom decor around.  Just like when I did my daughter’s room a couple years ago.  This is bittersweet as this may be last time I get to do this for him. Preston just turned 17.  Our house has a Modern Farmhouse theme and I wanted to incorporate that into this makeover without being too feminine. So here is the Boys Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Reveal!!


Let’s take a look at what it looked like before.  For many years this was my daughter’s room before we converted the formal dining room into her new room.  I never got around to taking the chandelier down. Take notice of the generic window trim as you will see it updated below.  Our house is small and this bedroom is no exception. I would guess is 14’x16′. Boys Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Reveal Boys Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Reveal


The first order of business was painting his bed and dresser.  I love this cottage sytle bed and was lucky enough to find a steal on Craigslist.  I used General Finishes Lamp Black Milk Paint. This paint so incredibly easy to use and dries to a beautiful matte finish.

Boys Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Reveal


We have had these Ikea Hemnes dressers since he was very young. I decided to make more use of his closet and sell the smaller one in order to free up some space in the room. 

Replacing the closet doors

The builder grade doors are so very sad.  They were never installed correctly and always rubbed against each other.  I LOVE Barn doors and there are not many places in our home we can have them, but for a closet we can.  These doors were made for about $70 each. You can see the tutorial here.  Once they were installed I stood there for 5 minutes sliding them back and forth amazed at how smooth they rolled.

Boys Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Reveal

Reverse Shiplap

I REALLY wanted to shiplap the main wall in his room.  I would have all the interior walls in my home ship-lapped if my husband would let me. However, I felt it would be too feminine.  So I started searching Pinterest and found this technique that is being referred to as “Reverse Shiplap”.

Boys Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Reveal

Basically, it’s just using 2″ wide strips across the wall.  I ripped 1″ thick x 3″ wide pieces of wood I already had, however some of the tutorials I read used 1″x2″ MDF Strips.   In order to do this, I cut two pieces that were 8″ in length and used that as my spacer.  Once it was all secured with a nail gun I applied two coats of primer.

Boys Modern Farmhouse REveal


Since I got rid of one of the dressers I need a space for him to still be able to display pictures and trophies.  I made this Wall Ladder for $20 that you can see here.  I also updated the trim around his door which has been painted since this picture was taken. However, I still need to get the transition strip installed from the hallway to his room.  In fact, we still have 4 transition strips to install if I’m being completely honest.  I keep holding out hope we would be replacing the carpets but I don’t think that will happen anytime soon. You know how it is, never-ending projects!

boys modern farmhouse bedroom reveal

New Light Fixture

Initially, the room had a recessed light.  When it was my daughter’s room we installed small chandelier with a plug-in adapter. Now it was time to install a flush mount.  I found this fixture on Amazon.  In order to convert the recessed light into a Flush Mount, I purchased this Converter Kit. It took me about an hour to make the change and it provides so much light now!


boys modern farmhouse bedroom reveal

Window Trim

I recently learned how to do window and door trim (DIY coming soon).  It is so incredibly easy to do and the best part is there are no angled cuts!  The cost is about $20 a window for this size.

Boys Farmhouse Bedroom Reveal



And just for fun, the boys used to share a room when they were younger.  When it got to the point they were outgrowing their twin beds it was time to separate them. Here is the room they used to share which is across the hall.  It’s now my son Parker’s room and even smaller than Preston’s room. Furniture placement is tricky, to say the least.

boys modern farmhouse bedroom reveal


Now Parker’s room

boys modern farmhouse bedroom reveal


I’m very happy with the way it turned out and love how much brighter it is now.  The only thing left to do is replace the base molding, but that will have to wait until the new carpet is laid.

Sources are provided below.


boys modern farmhouse bedroom reveal

I think this rug is my favorite.  It ties in the gray from his bedding along with the brown from the bamboo window shade, desk and closet doors.

Boys Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Reveal

boys modern farmhouse bedroom reveal

boys modern farmhouse bedroom reveal

boys modern farmhouse bedroom revealboys modern farmhouse bedroom revealboys modern farmhouse bedroom reveal

boys farmhouse bedroom reveal

Wall Color: BM Revere Pewter

Reverse Shiplap Color: SW Alabaster

Interior Door Color: SW Tricorn Black

Bedding: Both from Ikea. Ticking Stripe Duvet and Buffalo Check Duvet

Window Shade: Home Decorators Bamboo in Driftwood

Desk: Campaign Desk

Chair: Amazon

Dresser: Ikea Hemnes painted in General Finishes Lamp Black

Desk Lamp: Amazon

Paper Mache Letter: Joanne’s

Flush Mount Ceiling Fixture: Amazon

Recessed Light Converter Kit: Amazon




  • Jill

    I just love this room makeover! Looking into doing something similar to you sons bedroom. Question, why did you have 2 duvet covers? Did you have comforter in both?


    • thefauxfarmhouse

      Hello Jill and thank you! I have 2 duvet covers because I could not find a buffalo check quilt that I loved to sit at the end of the bed. In the stripe duvet cover there is a very full duvet insert that we’ve had for years, I honestly think it’s a king size and it completely fills the cover. I don’t have to worry about the duvet slouching down inside. The downfall of Ikea duvets (atleast these two) is they do not have the ties on the inside.

      For the buffalo check duvet it’s just an old Potter Barn Pic-Stitch quilt that used to be on my bed in a queen size. He doesn’t use it for warmth, it’s only decoration. Lol.

  • Sandia

    This has been one of the best post because it is a easy to follow and at the end gives a breakdown of all the materials or items bought and used and from where. Thanks a bunch. Wish all the others were like this. 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

    • thefauxfarmhouse

      Thank you Sandia and thanks for stopping by! I have two more doors planned but haven’t managed to find the time to get them done 🙁

    • thefauxfarmhouse

      I made it. It’s actually a Farm Truck. I used a Chalk Couture transfer and permanent ink. The transfer is reusable is part of a set $40. It would be more cost effective to find a standard pillow cover online. 🙂

    • Cristina

      Thank you Teresa! I made it using 2″ wood plants ($1.60 each) and cut them down. I stained it black and then ordered the vinyl map decor from Etsy ($19?). It was not easy to place it on the planks and it’s not perfect!

  • Rob

    Thank you, on the blinds did you add a piece that makes it easy to pull down the shade or does it come with it when you purchase it? Lastly, did you ever paint the desk and where did you get all the decor from in his room?

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