Farmhouse Style Stair Treads

This post is sponsored by Oak Valley Designs. All opinions are my own.

Last week I shared our entry way remodel, but it wasn’t entirely complete. Now I can say it’s finished after installing the stair treads!

Since removing the carpet from our stairs and installing wood stairs I wanted a way to protect them. Luckily nobody has slipped or fallen down the stairs, however it is a high traffic area and I wanted to protect all the hard work that went into them, not to mention make it easier for our dog to go up and down.

My first thought was to install a stair runner. The only issue is that I did not want to put staples in my new stairs. While searching online I came across Oak Valley Designs. This was the perfect solution! Carpeted stair treads that can be made with a bull nose, square edge or flat tread. They can be ordered in any size, and the their selection in incredible! They can even customize around a stair landing (I decided against that as I wanted mine open)

The first thing I did was select samples to be sent to me in order to see what would look best. I also sent pictures of my entry way to Oak Valley Designs and they sent even more samples of treads that could work. Let me tell you, that was an unexpected surprise! In addition, if there is a runner you have found from another retailer you can have it shipped directly to Oak Valley Designs and they will make the treads for you.

I’m no Photoshop expert so I used a phone app called Picsart where you can add a picture on top of an existing picture. I took close up pictures of the samples I thought would work best and then created mock-ups to help me visualize it, laundry hamper and all!

Here is an example of how I took close ups and then added them to an existing picture.

This was my favorite!! Diamond Pattern called Tahoe.

However, being that I constantly change out my decor and our entry way is tiny I figured it would be best to go with a simple tread pattern so that if and when my decor changes the stair treads can stay constant. I LOVE the look of Jute and Sisal and was wanting to find a similar style without the mess and that would be soft on the feet. I selected the River Rock in Shoreline with a black border.

As much as I love the look of the stair treads covering the middle part of the stairs and leaving the sides exposed I just knew that would not work for me and my OCD. Dog hair and dust would end up on the exposed sides and I knew I needed them to cover the entire stair even if I compromised the overall look I was going for. This is what is great about Oak Valley Designs, you are not limited to standard size options, they can make them in any size.

We have a Golden Doodle and no matter what anyone tells you THEY DO SHED! I was sweeping the stairs 2-3 times a day to keep them dog hair and dust free. Now is just do a quick vacuum.

Since our upper set of stairs is larger than our lower set, I laid the set for the lower stairs on the upper just to see what it would look like with the sides exposed and I have to admit, I do love it.

The install took me a maybe a total of 10 minutes for all the stairs. Each tread comes with a plastic film that you remove and a glue like rubber adhesive on the back. This adhesive does not damage your stairs

I selected the bullnose stair treads

Here is how they look in my stairs covering the entire tread

I cannot express how happy I am with the quality of the product and the customer service I received from Oak Valley Designs. They are top notch and a pleasure to work with!

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